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Below are some super useful videos and links I found for your next cosplay or upcoming halloween costume!!!!

Basic makeup:

Applying false lashes

Foundation ,concealer and powder application

Lipstick like a pro

Covering tattoos, bruise and birthmarks

Liquid liner

Eyeshadow for beginners

How to apply mascara

Blush and highlighter

Contouring and highlighting for all face shapes

Perfect brows

Applying a lace wig

Cosplay makeup tutorials:

Realistic fake freckles

Attack on titan Levi Cosplay makeup

Werewolf prosthetic tutorial

Werewolf claws diy

Long vampire nails

Vampire prosthetic makeup

Edward scissor hands tutorial

How to apply vampire fangs

Female to male makeup

Joker: Jack nicholson makeup

Harley quinn makeup tutorial

Harvey dent two face makeup

Alice madness returns Insane child

DIY black tear lashes

Cheshire cat makeup

Ursula makeup

Mystique Xmen Makeup

Poison ivy makeup

Basic male cosplay makeup

Cindy lou who hair tutorial

Jessica rabbit makeup

Colouring eyebrows crazy colours

Halloween  tutorials:

Popart girl makeup

Shattered glass fx makeup

Pencil face

Day of the dead bride

Skull face basic

Little miss muffet

Unzipped zombie face

DIY Masquerade flesh mask

Conjuring doll makeup

Easy scar makeup

Corpse bride halloween makeup

Nailed finger

Cartoon lips

All of these are youtube tutorials please enjoy! I will be making alot more of these in the future c:

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